About the author

Brian Baillie has been a pastor for many years both in New Zealand (Elim) and in Australia (AOG), and has also served as an elder in various large Churches over the years.

He and his wife Margaret have been married (as at 2020) for more than 52 years!

Brian is the father of three adult children, and grandfather of six grandchildren. He loves to spend time with his wife and family, teaching the Word of God and travelling Australia when he and Margaret get the chance, meeting like-minded people. They also love to give away the booklets Brian has written, which share the Gospel message and tell the prophetic message of the “End of the Age” in which we live.

Brian was raised in an Open Brethren Church Family (Howe St Chapel) and did his Theological studies many years ago through the Bible College of NZ in Auckland, but he is still studying and learning more of the depths of God’s Word.

Brian has had a very exciting and varied life, having spent time in “Special Forces” (S.A.S.) within the N.Z. Army and then in the late 1970s taking his wife, Margaret, and their three small children (7, 5 and 2 years of age) up to P.N.G where he managed a Mission trade store. Unfortunately, they all came down with a very bad strain of Malaria and were forced to return home to N.Z. after being there for only 12 months. Brian also pastored in several churches over the years, following the leading of his Lord and Saviour, teaching and leading others in the Christian life.

Now retired, he is still actively teaching and encouraging people to study God’s Word for themselves so that they may become mature believers in Christ. His passion is to see the truth of God taught and understood to as many as possible before the imminent return of Jesus, the Christ, Son of God, and coming Judge and King!