Booklet 1: What in the World is Happening?

What in the World is Happening 2023

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What in the world is happening? Have you asked that question lately, or heard others asking it? There is so much going on these days, so many things changing in our world – politically, socially, and economically – that it is hard to keep up with it all, and harder still to understand what it is all about.

This booklet outlines many of the big changes, and some of the more invisible changes happening around us, and points the reader to the reasons why. Many of the events on our televisions and devices today were predicted hundreds of years ago, and it is only when you understand the Biblical context that the chaos today comes properly into focus.

Many people are living in fear and anxiety, because they do not know what is happening. This booklet is written not to cause fear, but to explain what is happening, so that fear and anxiety can be erased. The light (of knowledge) chases away the darkness (of ignorance).

Read and learn about what is happening in the world today and what is about to happen in the near future, with an open mind, and keep a close eye on things as more unfolds over the next few years. I am sure you will be surprised at how quickly things will change over the weeks, months and years that lie ahead – we just need to look back over this 2020 year and see how rapidly things can change – and not always for the better.

The information in this booklet will intrigue you, and inspire you to do your own further in-depth study and investigation into this most important subject. Your life depends on the decisions you make now and in the future, and information is what you need to make informed decisions.

I am unapologetic about recommending the Bible as the best reference book on the subject. With centuries of the predictions and prophecies recorded in the Bible fulfilled, and others now coming to pass exactly as foretold, it is hard to argue that the Bible is irrelevant in this day and age. As untold thousands have discovered ever since it was written, the Bible has the answer to every question within its pages, and to ignore it is to stay blind about events now and in the near future.

Many other authors also shed light on these matters, and some of them are listed, along with some interesting websites, at the end of this booklet, for your easy reference.

You will find What in the World Is Happening? an enlightening, interesting and helpful study book. It can be used for personal study and reading, or in a group setting.

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